Military artwork: Königstiger 294

The subject for my first military artwork post was a no-brainer: Königstiger 294.

My friend Wouter Florusse is a great artist and he gave this artwork as a present for my 33rd birthday (which is April 29, hence the number). I decided to print this beauty on a 180 cm x 80 cm aluminium plate. It hangs in my living room above my black throne. Awesome is the word.

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Some words from the artist himself:

Painting a Königstiger

The goal is clear, the digital canvas is empty. But where do you start when painting a historical combat vehicle? Research is the key. So I spent hours diggin’ through Google and books (how old school) to try and find the reference I needed. It’s one thing to find a nice photograph, but does it depict the version you want to portray? (Combat) vehicles come in many different versions. There is always a measure of artistic freedom but when creating art for a “connaisseur” it has to be as spot-on as possible.

Finally I found some detailed 3D models to provide me with a solid base for the painting. Together with old black and white photos I decided on a composition showing the Tiger II in a fairly straightforward angle, showing us all its power. The low perspective gives the tank a menacing look. The background puts the whole scene in a winter scenario. The snow and ice making for good contrast offsetting the subject. Whether it is a scene from the Eastern Front or depicts the Ardennes looks to be up to the viewer. Yet the wrecked tank in the background is the rough silhouette of a T-34/85 and sets this scene in the East.

Detailing the tank was quite some work. Especially the Zimmerit applied to the armour was a tough nut to crack. The finishing touch was giving the tank its number. Nothing historically correct about that. Simply the birth date of the client for which this piece was made.

Wouter Florusse

Official website:

If you desire a printed copy of this artwork please visit the following link and support this artist:


  1. Hello mr. Pentland. Apologies for my late reply! Thank you for your comment, I am an admirer of your work and will surely be e-mailing you about the upcoming book. I will send Wouter (and yes, it is his work) your compliment.

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