Military artwork: Panzer Marsch

The chaps at Axis Track Services have a fantastic deal in their store!  In association with The Tank Museum, Bruce Crompton, director of Axis Track Services, commissioned world-renowned artist Nicolas Trudgian to paint “Panzer Marsch” – The last advance of Tiger 131.

Limited to only 650 prints, this painting commemorates the 70th anniversary of the capture of Tiger 131. Axis Track Services and Nicolas Trudgian are donating profits to The Tank Museum for the ongoing restoration and upkeep of this historic tank.

The Story

“The wild and remote Tunisian landscape near Djebel Djaffa is the stage for the sudden and thunderous advance of German forces heading towards the British lines. The ground shakes under the weight of Tiger tanks and Panzer IIIs of 3.Zug/1.Kompanie of the schwere Panzer-Abteilung 504. In the air, Bf109Gs of JG77, based at Creteville near Tunis, give welcome support to the armored spearhead. For Tiger 131 this would be its last hours in military service as, during the subsequent battle, it was captured intact by the 48th Royal Tank Regiment.

Brought back for evaluation, Tiger 131 became one of only a small number of Tiger tanks to survive the war and is today the only one in full working order anywhere in the world. It has for many years been the most prized exhibit at The Tank Museum, Dorset where the tireless efforts of its custodians have enabled younger generations once more to hear ‘the roar of the Tiger’ and appreciate the skill and tenacity of the Allied forces that confronted its kind.”

Panzer Marsch Certificate of Authenticity

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