Audioblog: Doctrine – V2

In Part III of the audioblogs about Doctrine tracks deemed lost I present the song “V2”.

The idea for the lyrics originated back in July of 2010 when me and my wife visited the Dora-Mittelbau concentration camp near Nordhausen, Germany.

In 1943 the rocket production activities carried out at Peenemünde were relocated to tunnel facilities near Nordhausen to protect them from air attacks. Under the command of Hans Kammler production of V1 and V2 rockets and other armament projects continued inside the Kohnstein mountain through forced labour by concentration camp inmates. Conditions inside the tunnels were horrendous, one in three prisoners died.

The V1 flying bomb was the forerunner of modern cruise missiles, its successor, the V2 ballistic missile, the precursor to space flight. All at great human cost….

Listen to the song here:


Anxious eyes look up to darkened skies, praying for the end

Division zur Vergeltung, Kammler commands

The Kohnstein interior, underground factory
Primary products: weapons and death
Ballistic missiles, new means of warfare
One-ton warheads will retaliate

Slave labour treatment, the SS domain
Prisoners hanged on public display
Tunnels packed with the rotting undead
Barbaric conditions deteriorate

Hollow eyes stare into the abyss, praying for the end

Technological triumph comes at a high price
Striped fatigues collapse, the scope of human sacrifice
Despondency grows under the Nazi scourge
Parabolic trajectories, prophets of catastrophe

Camouflage conceals blatant terror
Faster than the speed of sound
A crimson flash, a violent tremor
Immune to countermeasures

Anxious eyes look up to darkened skies, praying for the end

Assembly line progress stops at nothing
Launches continue, at impact no warning
Vapor trails, craters in the ground
Revealing scenes of devastation

Precursor to space flight
Yet armament for proxy wars
Killing more over greater distance
Closer to the endgame

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