The Second World War In 100 Objects

For one time only, 100 of the most exceptional objects from 25 war and resistance museums in the Netherlands are brought together and exhibited at the Kunsthal Rotterdam. “The Second World War In 100 Objects” is an exhibition that takes visitors back to the days of the Second World War giving it relevance for young and old alike. The numerous events behind each of these objects evoke personal memories, emotions, abhorrence and sentiments stemming from the war years between 1940 and 1945. Even the smallest objects have fascinating stories to tell, like the flag of surrender that sergeant-major Gerrit van Ommering made on the day of the Rotterdam Blitz, hurriedly improvised from a broom handle and a sheet splattered with blood. But also the spectacles that the red-haired resistance worker Hannie Schaft wore as a disguise, and the child’s jumper that a mother knitted during the “Hongerwinter” (the Dutch famine of 1944) using dog hairs she had saved up over the years. Even the much-maligned SS flag and an imposing Cromwell Mk IV tank will also be spending three months at the Kunsthal. Definitely worth a visit. For more info see the following link or Facebook.

Exhibit number 76 stands outside of the Kunsthal Rotterdam. It is the Cromwell Mk IV tank which is normally situated at the Oorlogsmuseum Overloon.

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