Videoblog: Nazi Megastructures

On the Dutch branch of National Neographic Channel the “Nazi Megastructures” series was broadcasted recently. This series explores the prolific engineering achievements of Nazi Germany throughout World War II and beyond. In case you missed this, here’s a YouTube playlist which shows you the whole series. Enjoy!

Update 26-01-2014: YouTube is randomly removing videos of this series so I’ve added more sources to the playlist. Scroll around for the best quality.

Visit to Panzermuseum Thun

Country: Switzerland Canton: Bern District: Thun Date: Monday, the 11th of October 2010 Title: Visit to Panzermuseum Thun Links open in a new window or tab when clicked, galleries will open in a lightbox. Click the Google Maps image for detailed location information  On our honeymoon my wife and I went to the beautiful region of …


December 2013 update

Hello folks! Exciting times here at Weapons Of War HQ about a month before the year ends. This month you can expect a blog about my visit to Panzermuseum Thun, Switzerland, in October 2010. A great site for tank enthusiasts, lots of rare prototypes to be seen there. In other news, Weapons Of War will be …