Visit to Panzermuseum Thun

Country: Switzerland
Canton: Bern
District: Thun
Date: Monday, the 11th of October 2010
Title: Visit to Panzermuseum Thun

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On our honeymoon my wife and I went to the beautiful region of Veneto in Italy. On our way there we had to pay a visit to the Panzermuseum Thun. We were in the neighborhood right?

The combat vehicles exhibited here are of different origin. On the one hand there are tanks that were used by the Swiss armed forces, on the other hand you will find test models and prototypes, which were in fact put to the test, but never actually established by the army. Other vehicles were acquired from Europe’s battlefields immediately after World War II with the support of the French army. These, especially German combat vehicles, made studies of the applied technology easier for the armament experts. They could gain important impulses for the developing and constructing of their own vehicles. Other tanks were presented by foreign governments or given as exchange objects from tank museums from all over the world.

For a long time have some of these specimens eked out a wretched existence on the old parking area of Thun. The modern facilities for military instruction, which have been built since 1973, have enabled the present exhibition. Ever since have members of the armed forces – with modest means – attempted to save the exhibits from complete decay. Until today the urgently needed roof, unfortunately, has not been built.

The witnesses of former tank generations are to show the troops stationed in Thun as well as a non-military audience part of the history of tanks.

For more information about the collection please check out the following documentation (German only):

The Historical Material of the Swiss Armed Forces (HAM)
Panzermuseum Thun Dokumentation nr. 001 – Juli 2005
VSAM Info Bulletin Nr. 1/02
Die Entwicklungsgeschichte des Schweizer Panzer 68

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    • Hello JP,

      There was no entry fee for the outside area but be aware that the site is located on military grounds. Tell the guards that you’re planning to see the tanks and they’ll let you in. Don’t forget to bring your ID in case they ask for it.

      Best regards,


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