Visit to The Tank Museum

Country: Great Britain
Region: South West England
County: Dorset
Date: Tuesday, the 21st of April 2009
Title: Visit to The Tank Museum in Bovington

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The Home Of The Tank

The tank was a British invention that changed warfare for ever when it was introduced in World War One – and Bovington has been the home of the tank ever since.

From the Somme to Tiananmen Square or D-Day to Desert Storm the tank has played a part in shaping history – and it continues to do so today. This unique collection of over 300 vehicles is regarded as the best in the world and includes the world’s first ever tank, the feared German Tiger tank and the modern Challenger 2.

The exhibitions tell the story of armored warfare from World War One to the present day. As you explore the museum’s six large halls you will come face to face with vehicles that have seen action in all the major wars of the 20th Century and hear first-hand accounts from those who fought in them.

In the Kuwait Arena you can get closer to the action with tank action displays, tracked vehicle rides and a range of fantastic events.

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