Audioblog: Hail of Bullets – Pour le Mérite

Achtung Metal! Dutch old school death metal combo Hail of Bullets will be releasing their third studio album called “III: The Rommel Chronicles” at the end of October 2013. This album sees the band approaching things a bit differently lyric wise. Instead of describing a certain campaign or theatre of war, this album focuses on the military life, rise and fall of German field marshal Erwin Rommel. Despite fighting on the wrong side, Rommel was undeniably a great strategist who was both feared and admired by his enemies. Music wise this album slightly harks back to the debut album “…Of Frost And War”. The songs are faster, rawer, more aggressive and direct than on their second studio album “On Divine Winds” which had a more epic, heroic feel.

Check out the first single of this album “Pour le Mérite”:

! Update (23-09-2013) !:

The second single is also available for listening, check out “DG-7” here:

!! Update (19-10-2013) !!:

The third single dropped this week, check out “Swoop Of The Falcon” here:

The whole album on Spotify:

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