Videoblog: Combat Dealers

Combat Dealers is a show which follows the fortunes and adventures of larger than life Londoner Bruce Crompton – one of the world’s biggest collectors of 20th century military equipment. Born and bred in East London, this cockney lad has a shrewd eye for a good deal.

Follow Bruce and his highly specialist team as they buy, restore and sell WW2 military vehicles and memorabilia.

Each episode sees Bruce on the hunt both in the UK and abroad finding rare items and learning the unique stories each and every artefact has to tell from history. In recent years, the value of these sought after items have dramatically increased and due to their extreme scarcity most of Bruce’s kit has gone through the roof. A particular tank in its mint condition could be worth anything up to £500,000!

From Winston Churchill’s bath to a U-Boat, there’s nothing they can’t fix and get working again, and nothing they wouldn’t do to get the right kit at the right price.

It’s not just Bruce’s passion for military memorabilia that drives them on – the team have a large client list on the hunt for that elusive find, including Hollywood royalty. Over the years, Bruce has supplied his specialist vehicles for film projects such as Saving Private Ryan, and more recently, the new Brad Pitt movie, Fury.

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